Dark Fiber — Benefits

Fiber2home knows where dark fiber is buried and how you can benefit.  After the telecom and dot-com boom of the mid-90's, a wealth of fiber infrastructure was in place yet underutilized. Fiber2home capitalizes on these unused fiber assets to bring you new options in connectivity.

By utilizing or creating a dark fiber network your company can realize many benefits including

  • 1 Gb or 10 Gb it's the same monthly cost
  • ROI for 1 time equipment cost is typically less than 3 months
  • Upgrade bandwidth and service level options without increased monthly
  • Any service you want, any time you want
  • Change equipment and increase the level of service
  • Freedom to run any protocol and any service
  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth, the only limitation is your own equipment
  • Run multiple circuits over a single pair of fiber (up to 16 GigE connections w/ CWDM)
  • Upgrade at anytime without waiting for the carrier
  • Schedule your own service and maintenance windows
  • You decide what bandwidth and what applications to run
  • Burst above average utilization levels without any additional costs
  • Once you control the fiber infrastructure you control the level of service
  • Your equipment determines how much bandwidth you have
  • Upgrading from 1 Gb to 10 Gb by changing the optical cards in your equipment
  • 10 Gb today 100 Gb tomorrow! As soon as the equipment is available you can upgrade
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