Lit Fiber — Ethernet WANs

Ethernet WANs are taking the telecom industry by storm because of their low cost, flexibility, easy migration and high-capacity.  Ethernet technology has been used for years in the LAN environment, and now the same technology can be used to link buildings and campuses within a city or across the country.

Ethernet technology enables WAN connectivity at much higher bandwidths (e.g., at 1 Gb/s) than that offered by the traditional WAN technologies. We feel that any company seeking to improve WAN bandwidth in a cost-effective manner will naturally be attracted to Ethernet WAN services for several reasons.

  • Ease of use : There is no special knowledge needed to set up Ethernet WAN connections with the service provider.
  • Convenience : No need for special equipment or port adapters. Customer equipment can be either a router (with an Ethernet interface), an Ethernet switch or bridge, or a host.
  • Speed : WAN bandwidths of up to 1GB are available, with speeds of 1GB to follow soon. Flexible bandwidth granularities are possible (for example, 32 Kbps at the lower speed range and 1 Mbps at the upper speed range).
  • Cost : Service prices, in terms of dollars per megabits per second, are quite favorable when compared to the prices for TDMconnections.
  • Flexibility : Ethernet provides multipoint connectivity. This alleviates the need to manage multiple point-to-point connections on the customer equipment.

Fiber2home BuildingLocator database is one of the most comprehensive in the industry providing network information on nearly 100,000 lit buildings. BuildingLocator provides detailed information about which carriers are offering services in your target buildings.

By locating providers who currently have network and equipment deployed, we can save you time and money.  Fiber2home works with a wide range of Ethernet providers from major national network providers to small regional players.  Our goal is to provide you the best network options for your business and Fiber2home provides an unbiased assessment of all available network options.

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